How to Buy Foreclosures in Florida

Buying Properties at Courthouse Auctions

Things to Look for When Buying Foreclosed Properties: Foreclosure Title Defects

A Warning to Investors in Florida: Superior Liens Survive Foreclosure Sales

Florida Probate Rules And Processes

Find Deals

Cold Calling

Mojo Dialer ( Dialer and List Source)


Cole Realty Resource – Neighborhood contact information

Skip Tracing

Skip Genie – Skip Genie’s Tracer gives you access to the data you need to find homeowners. The data is built with proprietary algorithms applied to a wide variety of sources.

Online Lead Generation

Carrot – Websites designed to convert traffic ( Real Estate Investors and Agents)


House Rehab Estimator

Fix and Flip Calculator

Private and Hard Money Lenders

Asset-based Hard & Private Money Lenders

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